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The highest point is the Marumukutru peak and it is equal to meters. East coast occupied by the coastal lowlands, and west coast - low plains. The mineral resources of the island include bauxite, graphite, iron, gold, limestone, quartz, cobalt, monazite, nickel, niobium, rubies, etc.

The climate of the Republic of Madagascar is tropical. Average monthly air temperatures in the lowlands range from plus 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, in the highlands the temperature ranges from 13 to 20 degrees Celsius. The amount of precipitation per year ranges from to millimeters.

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Note also that on east coast cyclones occur quite often. There are many rivers flowing on this island. Government Madagascar is a republic. The constitution is in operation, which was adopted in , as amended in The head of state and supreme commander-in-chief is the president, who is elected by universal suffrage for 5 years. The bicameral parliament consists of a Senate and a National Assembly elected for 4 years. Coat of arms Flag The incumbent President The economy of Madagascar is among the least developed countries in the world.

About 75 percent of Madagascar's residents qualify as poor. The share of agriculture in the Gross Domestic Product is The main crops are rice, bananas, corn, cassava and sweet potatoes. Livestock and poultry farming is developing only for domestic consumption.

Brief characteristics of the African islands

Fishing is of industrial importance. The mining industry is poorly developed. The paper, woodworking, leather, furniture, brewing, tobacco and textile industries are being promoted. Plants for the production of agricultural machinery, mineral fertilizers and cement, as well as enterprises for the production of medicines, soap and glass are actively operating. Development transport system complicates the mountainous nature of the terrain and strong cyclones. Cumulative length railways is kilometers, and automobile - Ethnic Composition Malagasy is the ethnic group that forms the main population of Madagascar.

They speak Malagasy Malgash , which belongs to the Indonesian group of the Austronesian language family. The total population is about 20 million people. The self-name goes back to the adjective from the word "Madagascar", thus, Malagasy is "Madagascar" in the Malagasy language, which in turn also means "Madagascar". Tourism In terms of tourism, the western coast of the island is most developed; sharks are more likely to appear on the eastern coast. The most popular beach resort in Madagascar is the island of Nosy Be.

It is located km southwest of the capital. Nosy Be area - sq. Tourists love this island for its cheerful atmosphere - there are many restaurants and nightclubs, as well as for the calm coastal waters and clean beaches The most popular beaches in Nosy Be are Andilana in the north of the island , the beaches of the nearby coral islands of Tsarabanina, Ankarea, Nosy Koba and Nosy Iranya.

In the coastal waters of Madagascar, there are coral reefs that are very popular with divers.

Madagascar island

Diving here is best done from April to August. Underwater visibility is m all year round. The most interesting dive sites of Madagascar are located in the vicinity of the island of Nosy Be. The main dive centers of the island are located in the Ambatoloaka area. Local marine park Nosi Tanikeli is a paradise for diving enthusiasts. The diving depth in the park reaches 18 m, the underwater world is represented by turtles, octopuses, stingrays, parrot fish, clownfish and groupers. Hiking in the country's reserves and parks is very popular in Madagascar.

There are many routes of various difficulty levels created here.

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The Andringitra National Park in the east of Madagascar is home to the second and third highest peaks of the island, to which hiking trails lead through forests. National park Mount Ambre has a network of routes with a total length of 20 km. Isalu National Park, with its erosional landforms, is often compared to the Grand Canyon. The central plateau of the island is interesting for its extended mountain ranges and vast stretches of flattened plateaus, wide valleys and an abundance of lakes. African, Asian and European cultures are mixed in the cities of Madagascar, here you can see buildings made in the French style, colorful bustling markets and centers of handicrafts.

The landscapes, flora and fauna of Madagascar are no less interesting, so tourists are offered numerous excursions to the island's protected areas. The uniqueness of the natural resources of Madagascar is not exaggerated at all: you will not find a significant part of the local flora and fauna anywhere else in the world. The exceptionally rich and diverse flora and fauna of the island attracts not only numerous scientists, but also tourists from all over the world.

Resorts are located throughout great Madagascar , but in general it is believed that it is better to relax on the west coast, where there are much fewer sharks than on the east. All the beaches of the country can boast of magnificent landscapes, large light sand, and the most beautiful transparent ocean. Slide No. State symbols of Madagascar - a state in the western part Indian Ocean , on the island of Madagascar and adjacent small islands.

The most famous of these are the lemurs. Madagascar and Mauritania are the only countries in the world that do not use a decimal currency. The picturesque Lake lies between the hills. The entire population inhabitants about 1. Antananarivo is a red city. The walls and roofs of the buildings are either brick or red clay. Bridge towns are paved with large cobblestones, narrow streets winding subtly.

What are Some Species Endemic to Madagascar?

The first European visit to Madagascar occurred in , when the ship of the Portuguese traveler Diogo Diaz, bound for India, deviated from the course and landed on the island. In light of the important geographic location Madagascar, for the spice traders who went around the whole of Africa, France and Britain tried to establish their outposts on the island.

However, the inhospitable climate and even less hospitable aborigines made this task almost impossible. The climate of the island is formed by the southeast trade wind and the South Indian anticyclone. The island has three climatic zones: a tropical monsoon climate on the east coast, a temperate maritime climate in the central highlands, and an arid desert climate on the southern tip of the island.

West Coast noticeably drier than the east, as the trade wind loses moisture on the east coast and central highlands.

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Typical annual rainfall: cm for south coast , cm for the central highlands in this case, for the capital of the country - Antananarivo , 32 cm in the south of the island, on the border with the desert. Malagasy are an ethnic group that forms the main population of Madagascar. Most believers try to combine ancestor worship with Christian traditions. So, for example, not all Christians give up the practice of famidakhan, especially for Catholics. Catholic pastors can even come to the ceremony and bless the participants.

The Protestant Church has a very negative attitude to the practice of the cult of ancestors and calls on its flock to abandon the "worship of the Devil. So, last year alone, Samsung and Huawei together sold just over This year this figure will increase several times. But in which markets are such devices in demand?

Natural features

Which countries of the world have 5G? In total, as of June , there are 81 commercial 5G networks in 42 countries worldwide. In the United States, all three major cellular operators have deployed fifth-generation networks and 5G is currently available in many major cities in the country.

But in Canada, residents of only two cities can appreciate all the advantages of the new communication standard: Calgary and Edmonton. Got 5G to Australia and New Zealand. On the Australian continent, new-generation networks have covered virtually all of the east coast and residents of Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Townsville, Brisbane and other cities use them.

And in New Zealand, three cities have appreciated the benefits of fifth-generation networks: Christchurch, Wellington and Queenstown. The same can be said about Ireland. As far as Europe is concerned, fifth generation networks are only the privilege of a number of countries in Western Europe.

The largest island near Africa. Africa's largest island

So, 5G is in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. In Hungary, residents of only two cities got access to the new communication standard: Budapest and Zalaegerszege. Also, only two cities have limited 5G coverage in Italy: Rome and Naples. Fifth generation networks operate in several major cities in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Finland and Latvia. Interestingly, there is even 5G in the Svalbard archipelago, where only about 3, people live. But in France there is no 5G.

On the Asian continent, 5G networks have been deployed in South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and China.

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The new communication standard also reached the Philippines with coverage in two cities: Manila and Cabanatuan. Most of the African continent does not have access to 5G, but Madagascar, the cities of Tuamasina and Antananarivo have these networks.

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Auto HOOK UP Tuamasina Madagaskar Auto HOOK UP Tuamasina Madagaskar
Auto HOOK UP Tuamasina Madagaskar Auto HOOK UP Tuamasina Madagaskar
Auto HOOK UP Tuamasina Madagaskar Auto HOOK UP Tuamasina Madagaskar
Auto HOOK UP Tuamasina Madagaskar Auto HOOK UP Tuamasina Madagaskar
Auto HOOK UP Tuamasina Madagaskar Auto HOOK UP Tuamasina Madagaskar

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